COMING SOON...!! HAPPKIDDY  9D VIRTUAL REALITY @ GALAXY MALL - SURABAYA  | COMING SOON...!! HAPPKIDDY  9D VIRTUAL REALITY @ CIPUTRA WORLD - SURABAYA  |  COMING SOON...!!   GLACIER   SKATING RINK - @ Mall Olympic Garden (MOG) - Malang   NOW OPEN...!!  HAPPKIDDY  9D VIRTUAL REALITY @ AEON MALL - TANGERANG |  Segera datang dan nikmati berbagai permainan baru yang di sediakan....... 


Welcome To HAPPKIDDY The Wonderful Indoor Play Center!

We are a Family-Entertainment-Center Provider in Indonesia with various types of amusement, such as, Indoor Play Center Area, Train Rides, Kiddy Rides, etc

HAPPKIDDY is dedicated to cooperate closely with Malls all around Indonesia. By 2013, we already have 38 stores in 29 Malls in Indonesia.

Even though HAPPKIDDY mainly cooperates            with Malls and Plaza, HAPPKIDDY is capable of providing children playground area in other commercial areas as well, such as: Apartment Buildings, Kids Corner in Hospitals, in Car Dealerships, Schools and Kindergartens, etc.

HAPPKIDDY keeps looking to further expand the company and upgrade our product portfolios and services to keep up with our client's expectations. Contact us for further info should you have any location that needed Children Playground and Entertainment Areas.

HAPPKIDDY  Mission, to increase the quality of life of children in Indonesia through fun activites in our playgrounds.

HAPPKIDDY - 9D Virtual Reality  now at :

* @ Aeon Mall, BSD - Tangerang    * @ Mall Of Serang 

* @ Cimanggis Square                    * @ Galaxy Mall - Surabaya

* @ Ciputra World - Surabaya







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